Installation Support

Thordon Bearings Inc. provides full engineering support for all bearings in all industries. Thordon Bearings Inc. has a full engineering team dedicate to provide hydro support and Thordon's GSS (Global Service and Support) staff provide additional support where necessary, this support includes but is not limited to:

  • Housing and linear measurements
  • Machining supervision
  • Shaft coating application
  • ¬†Water quality package commissioning
  • Oil to water conversion management
  • Bearing and rudder seal installation
  • Bearing installation
  • Bearing service and quality inspection (deck equipment)
  • TG100 and SeaThigor installation and commissioning

You can rest assured that the worlds leading experts in water lubricated bearing systems are by your side for the entire duration of the project and will continue to provide support after completion.

Thordon XL split propeller shaft bearings for US Coast Guard Polar Sea Icebreaker