Core Values:

Accessible  We are approachable and responsive to the needs of our clients, our suppliers, the general public, and to each other. We use language that is clear, concise and understood. We value our team and our clients and work hard to build warm, meaningful and respectful relationships. We are responsive and maintain an open door policy for those who need us.

Expertise  We are all experts in our respective fields and are fully competent to complete the tasks which we have been assigned. Wherever possible we leverage each other’s expertise, best practices, and experiences. We are committed to investing in ongoing learning and development opportunities thereby remaining current in our areas of expertise.

Innovation  We are subject matter experts and leaders in our field and as such are not bound by historical or traditional methods or solutions. We embrace change and proactively collaborate to find a better and customized solution. We effectively focus our efforts and create best practices in our respective fields for the betterment of our clients, each other, and the company.

Quality   We develop and adhere to well defined and managed processes. As a matter of practice, we actively measure our outcomes and we proactively take action to improve. We meet our clients’, and each other’s, expectations thereby ensuring a service excellent experience.

Client Service Excellence   We are efficient, effective, and dependable. We solicit our client’s insights and we take the time to understand both our clients’ challenges and their experiences. We guide and empower our clients to make the best possible decision. We deliver on-time. We are professional, warm, and act with tact at all times.

Decision Making   We are effective problem solvers. We are focused and transparent, proactively advising our clients of solutions, alternatives, and jeopardies so that the best and most up-to-date decisions are made. We proactively solicit information, methods, and means, and actively consider alternatives, to ensure the best possible decisions and outcomes. We understand the importance of making a decision and moving forward. .

Environmental Stewardship   Our products and services set the standard for reduction of pollution: reduction of waste, of materials, of time and resources. We understand we are all resource managers and accept and espouse our responsibilities to reduce longer term costs of procurement, risk to personnel safety, risk to equipment and assets, as well as to the environment. We actively protect the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices, products, and services. We passionately steer our clients towards more eco-friendly solutions.

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Principals’ Biographies

Thom Hofmann M.Eng., P.Eng, President and Lead Engineer, Avalon Marine Ltd.:   Upon graduation from St. Lawrence College in Cornwall Ontario in 1981 with Technology Diplomas in both Marine and Mechanical Engineering, Thom went to work as a service engineer for LIPS Propellers based in Halifax Nova Scotia.  Through trial-by-fire and factory training he was entrusted with most of the new build installation and commissioning projects of the controllable pitch propeller and thruster systems delivered by LIPS during the 1980’s shipbuilding upswing in Canada. During that time, he travelled extensively to numerous dry-docks, repair shops and vessel projects to help service the extensive LIPS fleet in the Americas.  After a few years with LIPS Thom decided to return to school and subsequently graduated second in his class with a Degree in Shipbuilding Engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland followed two years later with a Master Degree in Ocean Engineering.

Upon graduation, Thom worked in various capacities in the marine industry including marine systems designer (German Marine Inc.), propeller foundry and repair tradesman (Osborne Propellers Ltd.), ship repair supervisor (St. John Naval Systems), ship repair subcontracts manager (Halifax Shipyard) and engineering manager (Irving Shipbuilding Inc.).

Thom then spent 8 years working with Det Norske Veritas Halifax, as the Senior Engineer for Eastern Canada. There he qualified in Ships and Offshore Units certification and surveying, Statutory surveying, and in materials and systems certification in everything from raw metals, industrial products and marine equipment, pressure vessels to saturated diving systems and project management.

In 2006, in order to pursue his ambition to establish a small engineering consultancy, Thom operated an independent consulting firm (ECM-Atlantic Ltd.).  Most of the work handled by ECM-A dealt with safety, reliability, risk management and compliance verification on land based and offshore drilling units as well as participating in project management and oversight capacities in design and construction projects for ships, mobile offshore drilling units and land-based installations until 2015 by which time Avalon had grown to require his full attention.

Since purchasing Avalon Marine Ltd. in late 2012, Thom has taken the marine sales focused firm as the long-time Distributors for Thordon Bearings Inc., based in Burlington ON, in a new direction leveraging his extensive and broad experience and knowledge base to focus on engineered solutions for managing risk and reducing unplanned downtime for Avalon customers.  Through custom applied engineered solutions, customers can benefit from the significantly lower life-cycle costs achievable through the use of grease and oil free bearings systems while benefitting the environment as well.

Today, the company operates under the Avalon Bearings brand as a division of Avalon Marine Ltd. to provide engineered bearing solutions to INDUSTRIAL, HYDRO and MARINE clients.

Thom takes a personal interest and pride in all of the company’s activities and will be the first to tell a customer: Let’s work together to find a solution”.